Terri J. Taber
Magical Journeys Series

Dawnfire(Dawn) Northstar-Pendragon

Dawn Northstar was born on earth after her father Mike was exiled from Iriana by Alvin. She was raised as a normal human girl until her, Melissa, and Jason met in high school and were forced to go to Iriana. Eventually she was corrupted by Alvin and the water of the Lake of Kaiya. She now seeks to rule of the mystical realms.

King Alvin Micah Marks

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 Alvin was left on the doorstep of the Elven Royal Castle in Iriana. King Uldred Pendragon took the child in as his own and raised him. When Alvin's Kaiya surfaced it was discovered that his magic was with all of the elements but because he was not of the Pendragon Bloodline he was denied the throne.Alvin was jealous of his brother, Mikhale and decided to charge his magic by drinking from the Lake of Kaiya because it is forbidden. He was corrupted by the power in the water and turned evil.