Terri J. Taber
Magical Journeys Series

Magical Journeys: The Fire Realm (Book 3)



It breathes, it spreads and it consumes. Some people consider it to be alive. Dawnfire Northstar knows it to be true.

After being forced to take the Fire element as her magic she learned very quickly to treat it with respect or risk being consumed by its raw power.

Dawn is now free from the evil magical force that held her hostage but the link she was forced to take with the powerfully dangerous element remains. She has to now rely on her sister to keep her from being consumed by the evil force once more as the race to find the Fire Sword before that which once held her hostages gets to it first.

Chapter One:



It was dark… Dark, Cold and alone. Well not completely alone… The red eyes of her other half still glowed in the darkness… watching her. Dawn Northstar-Pendragon felt like she was in hell.

Why can’t you just leave me the bloody hell alone? Dawn said to the spirit, but she knew she was trapped in her own mind with the creature.

She seemed so small in the darkness that was the representation of the creature that her mind created. It was so much stronger and larger looking than her. She pulled her legs up close to her figurative chest.

I wonder how long it has been? Dawn wondered as she looked up at the blackness above her.

She will come for us. The evil voice that had been haunting her for over a year said.

You barely touched the child, how do you know your plan worked. Dawn replied harshly. You got us into this mess by attacking Iriana! You had to have known that Melissa would come back to retake her kingdom.

The air around Dawn seemed to vibrate with the creature’s laughter and Dawn pulled herself into a closer ball of protection.

Enough of my essence was put into the child that I can summon her to release us. When she does I will take her over and have all of the Kaiya the gods have given their first children. I will use the greatest power in the entire Universe to take over the Realms and the Earth!

And what happens to me when you take the child over? Dawn asked as she forced herself to stand up.

You have served your purpose, I will release you and you will face the consequences of my actions.

You’re letting me go? Just like that?

As long as my plan goes the way it is supposed to.

Dawn never thought she would hope for a member of her family being in the same situation as her, but at that point she would do anything to get out of the clutches of this creature.

When do we call her? Dawn asked.


Princess Vivian Gisidra Marks-Pendragon sat in the center of the wood elf camp and looked up at the stars in between the trees of the Earth Realm forest. She looked down at the reflecting pool next to her and she turned away. The reflection of a sixteen year old Halfling was a lie in her eyes.

She had just been told by her mentor, Keeper Zarah of the wood elf clan Athara, had just told her that she wasn’t sixteen at all but one year old. She wasn’t even a wood elf, she was an Arthurian Elf from Iriana and she was the heir to the throne of Iriana, and a descendant of Arthur Pendragon.

Her whole life had been a lie...

“I thought it was best to deceive you, my child.” Zarah said as she sat next to the girl at the pool.

Zarah’s ears were longer than Vivian’s and her white blond hair was starting to reflect her age with spurts of greys in it.

“Why did you tell me?” Vivian whispered. “Things were fine when I didn’t know.”

“Wood elves don’t use Kaiya, child, which is why we don’t have the odd colorings in our hair.” Zarah explained. “I thought I could teach you to control it but the recent werewolf attacks in the forest are just more evidence that they are being drawn to the magic inside of you.”

“Why am I different than any other Arthurian Elf?” Vivian asked. “I have read about them, I shouldn’t have had color in my hair yet, but I have always had it.”

“That is something your parents have to explain to you, not I.” Zarah said. “I have to return you to Iriana. You have to be trained on Avalon.”

“But I don’t want to leave the clan! It’s all I know, Keeper!” Vivian argued as she pushed back her long brown and purple braid.

“It’s not up for discussion.” Zarah said as she stood up. “The clan is heading for the portal tomorrow.” She added before walking towards her house carriage.

Alicia Ravenwood shot up in her plush bed in her and her fiancé’s room in the Delious palace and screamed as her white eyes stared at the wall and cried tears of blood as a look of pure fear appeared on her face.

Jonathan Ambrosias-Pendragon woke up as soon as he heard his fiancée’s scream and he pulled her into his arms.

“Alicia, it’s alright… It’ll be over soon.” Jonathan whispered, as he was about to use his water healing magic to calm her down when she grabbed his hand and looked at him with her white bleeding eyes.

“Let it happen…” She said in a hollow voice.

“But these visions hurt you.” Jonathan said in a helpless tone of voice.

“We need to know this…” She croaked out before her eyes cleared and she looked at Jonathan in shock. “It’s happening, but there is something different.” Alicia said.

“Dawn is breaking out?”

Alicia nodded. “Jonathan, it’s not what we expected, she’s going to be back to her old self.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I saw her but she wasn’t possessed by the evil force anymore

 “So we don’t need the swords?” Jonathan asked.

Alicia shook her head. “That would be too easy; it is going to move on to someone more powerful. I don’t know who it is but I think things are about to get worse… way worse.”

“It’s not like the Gods not to give you all of the information we need.” Jonathan said.

“They’re losing their power…” Alicia whispered. “My visions have become jumbled and only half way there… I think they used a lot of their power to send me this vision as coherent as it was.”

“You need to tell Melissa.” Jonathan said.

Alicia nodded before pulling a robe on over her pajamas and heading into the halls of the dark palace.

Queen Melissa Viv Star-Pendragon paced her study as her husband flicked his dragon tail in an irritated fashion. Alicia had just told them about her vision and about the evil possibly leaving her sister and taking over someone more powerful.

“You’re sure about this?” Melissa asked as she finally stopped her pacing and leaned against the front of her desk.

“Have my visions ever been wrong?” Alicia said before Melissa gave her a look and she sighed. “Ok they have been foggy lately but not wrong… The Evil force is going to escape and it’s going to abandon your sister, Mel. We have to make sure no one is near the dungeon when that happens. Not even yourself. The Evil cannot get a more powerful host. If it does we are screwed.”

If the gods warned Alicia about it I am not sure we can prevent it. Jason Marks said telepathically before his large dragon head turned to the window as the tips of the Irianian suns rose over the horizon and he turned into his elven form.

“You know being a dragon at night is really starting to annoy me.” He said, as he ran his fingers through his brown and blue-green hair.

“That’s why the goddess called it a punishment, my love.” Melissa smiled, as he wrapped his arms around her. “You have to admit being a dragon at night is better than being dead.”

“Ok you got me there.” Jason sighed, before frowning as Bracken entered the room. “What’s going on?”

“I am sorry to interrupt, my lady.” Bracken said as he bowed to Melissa. “Lord Glen just came through the Earth Realm portal in the archives. He’s waiting for you in the throne room, he says it is urgent.”

“That’s not good.” Jason said as he looked at his wife.

Melissa heaved a deep sigh. “Tell him I will be there in a minute, Bracken.” She said.

“As you wish, my lady,” Bracken said with another bow and leaving.

“I wonder why your step-dad has returned.” Alicia said.

“It can only mean one thing… One thing we don’t need right now.” Melissa sighed before kissing Jason on the cheek and heading out of her office.

“I know what you are going to say, Glen, so just stop.” Melissa said as she entered the throne room. “Things have been hectic this past year and going back to Earth to visit mum’s grave on her birthday just hasn’t really been a priority. Not that mom isn’t important it’s just I have a kingdom to run and expeditions to plan-“

“Zarah is bringing Vivian back, Melissa.” Glen interrupted his daughter’s frantic rant causing her to turn to look at him.

“Well… That wasn’t what I was expecting.” Melissa said as she plopped down into her plush purple and gold throne. “Did she give a reason why?”

“Vivian’s power has been increasing ever since the aging stopped last month when her Kaiya was supposed to surface. The extra power emanating from her has been drawing the dangerous creatures of the Earth Realm forest to attack the clan.”

“It’s not the best time for my one year old all-powerful teenage daughter to return home, Glen.” Melissa said. “That has got to be the oddest sentence I have ever said.”

“The reconstruction looks to be almost finished. Why can’t she return to Iriana and take her place as the heir to the throne?” Glen asked.

“Dawn’s about to escape the prison Alicia, Jonathan, Jason and I placed her in last year. And Alicia says that the evil force inside of her is in the market for a new more powerful host and Vivian is the perfect candidate for it.” Melissa explained. “It’s not safe for her here as much as I want her home.”

“Zarah has made up her mind, she sent me through as a warning.” Glen said. “She’ll be here in a few minutes.

“We’re here now, Glen.” Zarah said as she stepped into the throne room with a young teenage girl with brown and purple hair and Jason’s eyes.

“Vivian?” Melissa asked in disbelief. “You’re so grown up.”

“Do I know you?” Vivian asked.

“Vivian… I’m your mother…” Melissa said as she took a step forward to hug her daughter.

Vivian took a step back. “I have no family.” She said angrily before turning around and leaving the room.

“Vivian!” Zarah called after her before Melissa’s hand touched her shoulder.

“Just let her be, this is going to be hard for her.” Melissa said. “I’ll arrange her transportation to Avalon tomorrow. Jason and I need to spend some time with her.

Zarah nodded and heaved a sigh. “You understand I had to think of my clan’s well-being first.”

“I understand.” Melissa said. “I would have done the same thing.”

Jonathan had just left his room to go check on Alicia when he rounded a corner and ran right into a woman he had not seen in the castle before.

“I’m terribly sorry,” He said before he saw the brown hair, purple highlights, and green eyes staring up at him from the flood.

“It’s alright, I guess I am just used to just my clan being around.” Vivian said as she let Jonathan help her up. “I’m Vivian, Apprentice to Keeper Zarah, or at least I was.”

“Jonathan Ambrosias,” Jonathan said. “I… uh… delivered you when you were a baby and I am your big brother.”

“Great, more family I don’t need.” Vivian sighed before turning around and walking in the other direction.

“Hey wait!” Jonathan said as he ran to catch up with her. “Melissa and Jason had a very good reason for sending you to the Earth Realm. You shouldn’t hold it against them; they did it because they love you.”

“Then why don’t you call them mom and dad yourself?” Vivian asked as she turned around mid-step and faced him.

“That’s a very long story…” Jonathan sighed. “My point is…”

“They abandoned you too didn’t they?” Vivian said before continuing to walk again. “Figures…”

“You know they are just following the will of Gaia.” Jonathan said. “Just as your clan does.”

“I didn’t ask for your advice, bro, and now, if you would excuse me, I would like to be left alone.” Vivian said hotly.

“It’s not safe for you to be alone in the palace right now.” Jonathan said.

Vivian rolled her eyes. “You just want to talk to me some more about how great the king and queen of this realm is.” She said.

“Come with me.” Jonathan said after thinking for a long moment before grabbing his sister’s hand and leading her towards the dungeons.