Terri J. Taber
Magical Journeys Series

The Air Realm

Release Date: June 5th, 2012


Alicia Ravenwood was just a normal college student attending Oxford University when she
started to have strange visions of her best friend fighting against an evil warlord in a magical land called Iriana. When she stopped going to classes her family admitted her to a mental hospital.
She was starting to let the visions take over her mind when her friend, Melissa Starr, found her and took her to the magical land she saw in her visions. Alicia finds herself in a land of magic, mystery, and love and she finds herself falling for someone she never thought she would and putting herself in danger in the process.
Now she must fight with Melissa, Jason, and Jonathan to find five elemental swords to cure
Melissa’s sister Dawn from the evil corruption inside of her.




July 27th, 201: McCarran International Airport, Reno Nevada, Earth.


Alicia Ravenwood sat in her seat at the gate next to her parents waiting for their flight to London. Alicia had her ear buds in her ears, listening to her favorite radio station, KOZZ, on her iPhone one last time before her trip. She was going to London to attend Oxford University to study ancient cultures.

She had been accepted at Oxford… Oxford! One of the most prestigious schools in the world! Alicia still couldn’t believe that she had been accepted even with all the distractions that had happened during her senior year at Sparks High School.

Alicia’s parents couldn’t be more proud of her. They had told everyone that they could that she was going to Oxford. Even now Alicia had to resist rolling her eyes as her mother told the person sitting next to them about her achievement.

The people looked at her skeptically as if she couldn’t be accepted at Oxford because she was Native American. Her dark eyes, tan skin, and long black hair betrayed her Cherokee heritage, but Alicia just shrugged the stranger’s looks off, knowing she couldn’t change people’s minds about her people… yet.

Alicia tapped her pencil on the open journal in her lap. She was only half paying attention to what was going on around her or the loud rock music blasting in her ears. Her mind wasn’t on college or the plane trip. It was on her friend, Melissa Star.

Melissa had been her best friend in Reno before she was forced to move to Ely, Nevada when her mom was killed. Shortly after she moved Melissa and two other kids went missing from Ely and Melissa’s step-father had been arrested for kidnapping.

Alicia worried about Melissa a lot and hoped that she would be found alright, someday.

Just then the radio’s music stopped in the middle of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Alicia’s eyes stared straight ahead as her favorite DJ, Max Volume’s voice came on the radio.

“My apologies to Queen and you folks enjoying that song but we have an urgent news report to bring to you right now.” He said in a more serious tone then Alicia had ever heard him use. “Back in October last year we reported to you that three teenagers went missing in Ely, Nevada, one of which was a Reno native, Melissa Star. This had just reached our desk via CNN World News. Melissia Viv Star, Jason Mordrid Marks, and Dawn Lilian Northstar has been found dead in Glen Star’s Ely residence after it burned down in a sudden fire. No word from the FBI as to Glen Star’s whereabouts but they are considering the case closed for now. I join the KOZZ staff in offering our condolences to their family and friends. If anyone would like to send in a request for a song in their honor I encourage you to do so.”

Alicia’s pencil slipped from her finger and hit the floor as a single red tinged tear fell from her cheek, breaking her out of her trance and forcing her to look down at the shaky hand writing written in the journal her lap.


The Destroyer is destroyed.

The King and Queen are sitting on the throne.

Peace will Reign in the Goddess’ land for one years’ time.

But something worse is coming.

Much Worse…

Warn Her…


Alicia looked at the text in horror; she thought she was done with the prophetic poetry when Melissa disappeared. The only thing that remained of the so called gifts she had were dreams of Melissa in a magical land with fairies and dragons and she figured those were just because she was so worried about Melissa being missing.

Alicia got up and headed to the bathroom before her parents could see the poem or the blood coming out of her eyes. Real tears started to flow once she got into the rest room washing the blood tears away in the sink. Her best friend was dead, there was nothing she could do about it. She desperately dug her iphone out of her pocket and dialed Melissa’s number, wanting someone to talk to.

The tears came all the more when the voice mail came on and Melissa’s voice was still on it.

“Hi you’ve reached Melissa, I can’t get to the phone right now, so please leave me a message after the beep.” Her friend’s voice said.

Alicia slumped down to the ground before talking shakily into the phone.

“Hey you… It’s your Boo… I know you are dead… But… I needed to say goodbye to something.” She whispered. “So… Goodbye, my love…”

She ended the call and sat on the cold ground for a while before her mother came to look for her.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“The excitement is just getting to me.” Alicia lied.

“You don’t have to do this, Hun. Moving to a new country is a big thing to do.” Her mother said.

“I have to mom, now more than ever.” Alicia whispered.

“Why is that?”

“Melissa is dead, Mom, KOZZ just reported it. She was killed in a fire in Ely.” Alicia whispered as she looked down at the tile floor. “It was our plan to go to Oxford together. I at least have to go since she is not here to go with me.”

“I’m sorry, Hun, I know the two of you were very close.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Alicia sighed before their flight was called as she forced herself to get off the ground and head to the plane.


March 20th, 2012 Oxford University, London England, Earth.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Mrs. Ravenwood, She stopped going to classes and now she has even locked her own roommate out of the room.” The Dean said to Alicia’s mother several months after Melissa’s death as they walked down the hall to Alicia’s dorm room. “She talks to people who aren’t even there and screams at people that the universe is going to end. It seems like a severe case of cracking under the pressures of the curriculum at this school.”

“I am afraid it might be worse than that.” Mrs. Ravenwood said. “There is a rare form of hallucinogenic dementia that runs in our family. Her grandmother had it and Alicia has been showing the signs of it for years but we hoped it wouldn’t affect her until she was older. The death of her friend before she came here might have triggered it early.”

“Her room is over here.” The dean said as he led her to the room and unlocked the door.

Alicia was sitting in a dark corner of the room, scribbling down some weird script on a piece of paper that looked identical to the ones that were strewn all about the room. Alicia had her head down close to the desk she was sitting at as she scribbled on the paper, only to look up occasionally at an odd looking hand drawn map with push pins in it at different points, before looking back down at the paper.

“Alicia?” Her mother said as she picked up a piece of paper off the ground.

She recognized the made up script that Alicia and Melissa had used to pass notes in high school. She had taught herself how to read it after the girls had gotten into trouble over it at school.

Have to warn you, she is coming…

Those words repeated over and over in Alicia’s papers.

“Have to warn her.” Alicia said as her eyes fixed on her mother’s.

 “You can’t-“ Mrs. Ravenwood started but her daughter’s white blood soaked eyes narrowed at her.

“Can’t warn a dead person.” Alicia said, saying what her mother was about to say. “She’s not dead, mother.”

“How-“ Mrs. Ravenwood started again but Alicia cut her off.

“I can see her, hear her, watch her be the perfect queen that the elves need.” Alicia said before her voice turned dark. “But Darkness is coming and she must be warned before all of creation is destroyed by the one she calls sister.”

“I can take you somewhere where you can warn Melissa,” Mrs. Ravenwood said.

Alicia’s white eyes narrowed again

“You lie.” She said in a calm tone. “But the goddess says I must go with you.”

As soon as Alicia finished speaking her eyes turned to their normal color and she fell to the floor, passed out.

Mrs. Ravenwood grabbed her cell phone and hit the speed dial button on it. It was a few moments before a gruff male voice answered on the other end.

“So?” He said without even offering Mrs. Ravenwood a greeting.

“It’s happening.” Mrs. Ravenwood said. “She is too young.”

“That is for the gods to decided.” The male voice said harshly.  “Take her to the facility. We will see what happens there.”

“Sir, she said the elf returned to Iriana, and an evil force is heading there.”

“Then they will come for her.” He said. “Make sure that happens, she is our only hope.”

“Yes, Chief.”