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Good News and Response to Barnes and Noble reviews

Posted by [email protected] on April 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM

This week has been an eventful week. A few days ago I found out that my book has sold almost 3,000 copies, most of whic has been through Barnes and Nobel.com. I almost fainted as you could imagine, that is a big number for someone who has just started out her dream of being a author.

So this morning I decided to go to Barnes and Nobel's website and see if anyone had reviewed the book and I found this review posted on Dec 9th 2011:

KrysLillyGopez writes:

Great story, but. . .

Overall this is an amazing book. Wonderful take on elvish legend and how it relates to human history, very creative. The visualization used in many instances is also wonderful.


I, however, took issue with the numerous grammar, tense, and usage mistakes. Isn't that why you have an editor? to make certain that there is a minimal number of mistakes? The writing, from an English language perspective is just horrendous. There is an excessive quantity of simple but highly irritating mistakes that fall in the line of,'She knew that they is going to need. . . ' These mistakes along with excessive changes in tense make for what would amount to an F in an English class. They make a wonderful story frustrating and hard to read due to the fact that oftentimes one must stop and think, "Ok, does she mean 'they are'? Is this supposed to have happened in the past or is it currently happening?"


Overall I LOVED the story line, however, I think Ms Taber is in desperate need of a new editor.


Upon seeing that review I knew that the lady deserved a response so here it goes.

Dear Krys:

I am sorry the poor editing of the Dark Realm made it hard for you to fully enjoy my story. I actually self published this book and did the editing myself. I'm fired. I apparently can tell a story but not edit worth anything.

For Book two I have enlisted the help of one of my dear friends who is planning on going to school to be an editor to do the editing so hopefully it will be better and easier to read for you. I am also going to have her take a look at the Dark Realm so that future readers do not have the same problem you experianced.

I am glad you enjoyed the story!

Thank you for your imput

Terri J. Taber

Remember Book 2 Magical Journeys the Air Realm comes out June 2nd!

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Reply Smokin-Q
5:02 AM on November 27, 2012 
Hello Terri, I dislike having to say that I also left similar reviews to both of your Magical Journey books ... you have good stories in these two books! Might I suggest you also pick one or two of your readers to proof read your stories (maybe after your friend edits them) to catch any errors she did not catch? I am sure some people do not catch the errors and some probably don't care whether there are any errors but I've seen even on IM's (&other message boards) through the years that there are quite a few people who *do* care, of which I am sorry to say that I am one of those people, and it does distract reading what is otherwise a really good story! Just a suggestion from a new fan... ;) Great work, otherwise, and don't get discouraged! ;)