Terri J. Taber
Magical Journeys Series

Melissina(Melissa) Viv Star-Pendragon

Artwork By: Leah Keeler, you can find her at: KeelerLeah.deviantart.com


Melissa was born in the earth year 1893 AD(or 1392 Pendragon by the Irianian Calender) to Lady of the Lake, Viviane La Fey and Mikhale Pendragon (5th generation descendant of Arthtur Pendragon, King of Britian). Viviane La Fey was overjoyed to have a girl born to her and she started training her to be the next Lady of the Lake. Mikhale however was worried that if Melissa's lineage was found out his adoptive brother would harm her in one of his constant bids to take the throne because if Mikhale was ousted or killed Melissa would be next in line to rule Iriana. So he ordered that his connection to her be kept secret and Melissa was raised by her mother on the Holy Isle of Avalon. 

1407 Pendragon- When she was fifteen years old her Kiaya(The magical force in elves that designates the type of magic they will specialize in) surfaced and the highlights that depicted the Kaiya came out purple and Viviane knew her daughter was special and she would do great things.

1413 Pendragon: While Melissa is hunting in the Katana Forest near the Lake of Kaiya she overhears Prince Alvin Marks talking to his son, Jasotionio, about drinking from the Lake of Kaiya which is against Iriana's highest law because the pure magic that is in the waters of the lake can corrupt and totally change a person. She witnesses Jason stand up to his father and she takes Jason to the Isle of Avalon and it is discovered that Jason is the protector for Melissa when she becomes Lady of the Lake.

1435 Pendragon( 1 Marks)- Alvin leads a rebellion against Mikhale and exiles Mikhale to the mother world (Earth.) Alvin takes over Iriana and the land experiences 75 years of  Tyranny and hardship.

5-27 Marks-  Melissa serves as a spy for the Isle of Avalon in Alvin's service. She serves Alvin until she finds out that she is pregnant with Jason's child and she didn't want Alvin to hurt the child.

28 Marks- Melissa gives birth to Jonathan Marks and she gives him to Merlin Ambroias to foster and she returns to Alvin's service with Jason.

57 Marks- Alvin discovers that Melissa is Mikhale's daughter and her tries to force her to give him an heir to carry on the line. Melissa runs away and goes to Avalon where Viviane tells her the truth about her father. Melissa decides for the safety of herself and all of Iriana she will have her mother erase her memory. Melissa exiles herself to the mother world with her mother accompany her.

74 Marks- Jason Marks goes to earth to find Melissa to get her to come back and help Iriana escape from Alivin's tyranny.

75 Marks-  Melissa witnesses her mother's death at the hand of Alvin's elite guard and is forced to move to Ely Nevada with her stepfather Glen. Jason finds Melissa in Ely and takes her back to Iriana where she defeats Alvin and seals her half sister Dawn in the Dar Realm

1 Second Pendragon- Melissa and Jason rule Jointly over Iriana for a year before Dawn escapes the Dark Realm and Melissa must find the sacred elemental swords to save her.



Jastonio(Jason) Nathaniel Marks

Artwork by the Author, see her DeviantArt page at: gentlefoot.deviantart.com

 Jason Marks is the bastard son of Alvin, when he found out his father was getting corrupted by drinking from the Lake of Kayia (The source of all elven magic), he stood up to his father and told him that he would not betray his uncle(Mikhale) like that. It was that day that he met and fell in love with Melissa. It was later discovered that he was the Protector of the Lady of the Lake and he has since allied himself with the forces of Good.

Jonathan Merlin Ambrosius-Pendragon

Jonathan is the son of Jason and Melissa. He was raised by Merlin the Wizard because Jason was serving Alvin and Melissa was in hiding on Earth. He is a very talented healer and has a kind heart. He wants nothing more than to have his family back again.


Dawnfire Northstar

Image Coming soon!

Alicia Ravenwood

Artwork by: Leah Keeler

 Alicia Ravenwood was first introduced as Melissa's best friend in Reno Nevada in Book One the Dark Realm and she returns in Book 2 The Air Realm and becomes an essential member of Melissa's group. 

 Alicia is half cherokee and half Irish and she get sometimes debilitating visions of the future sent by the Goddess herself to lead Melissa on her quest.  



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