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Gisidra Revisited

Posted by [email protected] on May 20, 2011 at 6:23 PM

Many of you may not know this but back in 2008 I had my very first novel, The Magical Land of Dina and the Crystal of Life, published by PublishAmerica and it didn't do very well. It was my first book and I was very young when I wrote it. Myself and my family both agree that I have matured as a writer and I have high hopes for the Magical Journeys series.

The reason why I bring my first book up is because I loved the characters and as I was finishing up the last of chapter five last night, I had the best idea. Why not bring the main character of my first book into the Magical Journeys series? The Air Realm is basically going to revolve around the mystical creatures that ruled the air. The Harpies, the Gargoyals, the fairies, the gryphons and the dragons. The main character of my book was named Gisidra Layona Eli, she was apart of my life for many years so last night I gave her a complete overhaul. Instead of her wings changing depending upon what she needed them for she now has only gargoyal wings, the harpy in her is portrayed by brown and black feathers in her black hair and her hands and feet are formed into a human like eagle talon.  She is the ruler of the Air Realm and is Melissa's oldest friend.

Well there you have it, the preview for the day. If you want more you will just have to wait until I finish writing it :D

Until later, my friends.

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